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"you claiming it's a recolor is totally irrelevant in the sightest "
-NO that is the whole topic, you silly 12 yearold.

"and what about your photos huh?, people can claim that your work isn't art if you want to go with your logic. especially your old stuff.
That's a fucking stupid argument, It wouldn't be art if I were posting SOMEONE ELSE'S photos. You are using false-logic and you should get aids for that. Bitch please, If I have something in my gallery that is stolen or an effortless recolor off of someone's work, link me to it.

"but it's not suppose to be art, it's suppose to be something for a game. just because it's a recolor doesn't mean it's not art nor original, especially when it's suppose to be like this!"
sure my art isn't original if you want to go with your logic, but just like sexyboiy1 i'm creating my own megaman fangame. so this isn't suppose to be original art, it's suppose to be apart of the concept of project"

At least you know its not art you're putting on an art site. Just lazy unoriginal recolors of 8-bit art someone else made. You know the only reason it looks shitty and is easy to recolor is because of the hardware limitations back in the days when it was first made. Though the new ones have the same style, they use it for the sake of keeping it original. The only reason you recolor those sprites is because you're too lazy to make an original character. it must be SO HARD to draw your own 30x30 sprite, right?

This person felt the need to answer a comment i made in 2009…

also: Oh nice, way to block further comments like a massive pussy. After I had said "Oh god that is such a terrible argument it needs its own journal entry." his final insult was "trust me i was thinking the same thing with yours". If I wanted my own comeback i would wipe it off your mothers face.

Basically, what an idiot and why are there still people like him alive? All they do is steal and then cry about how it totally IS art or make terrible excuses.

awww, how sweet he even made a submission about me since he is too dumb to use the journal also proving that all that recolors ever do is spam up art portals with their effortless mostly stolen or just shitty submissions.

The thing I hate the most about these fucking lazy assholes is that they block you the instant they think they said something clever, just so you can't answer their shitty  and half-assed argument.
Heres one :iconweownstheworld:.
I especially like him because he looks like a 15 year old girl, or maybe he is one; I don't know. Also lol at loving Breivik and having favorited pictures of Hitler in lingerie.
LOL now he says I blocked him even though my blocked user list is empty, way to show you have no balls by lying instead of just saying something.
He basically just rehashes my insults, but his spelling is that of a 7 year old which makes this even funnier.
I found this funny user just now: :icon00michele00:.
He is a generic sonic-fantard though, so nothing interesting. He's also a pussy, since he can't even stand up for himself and just hides comments that he doesn't like.
His interests are also fun, his favorite movies and tv shows are "sonic's movies" and his favorite books are "i hate read books". The book part is pretty obvious though.
Aaaanyway, he makes sonic "adoptables" with that ancient sonic fan-character generator all the uncreative losers use. The rules to acquiring one of his uncreative and stolen works are as follows:

"If you want it, you must:
1. said me that you want it
2. wait for my answer
3. paid me (you can give me the point in my donatin pool)
4. after that i checked that you've paid me, i will give you the consent for take it"

He wants to get paid for using a generator and making unoriginal fan-characters.
Just thought I'd share :)
I got too many faves to thank each person individually. lol.
On an unrelated being sick is pretty not fun.
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So i started watching Breaking Bad again yesterday. in it, Walter wears nothing an apron while cooking meth. Then I come to dA to see that their apron model is also nude for some reason...
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Oh hai I made another shitty little blong that I'm pretty sure none of you care about.
I will (try to) post a picture from my phone everyday. I'm doing it to make use of my recently gotten unlimited data plan. Go check it out, or don't it doesn't really matter.
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I like how every few months I take an awesome photo and get like 10 faves in the first ten seconds and then fade into nobodygivesashit zone right after that. I guess I should either submit more shit or submit better shit. But I probably wont do either because I don't care enough. It IS fun for the first 10 second though, don't get me wrong.

Also haha last journal was January first :D
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Not much to say about it, pretty mediocre. happy 2010 i guess.
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I recently noticed that the majority of my favorite bands are indie bands, and that I'm really into the weird sort of music....
Also I'm not really attracted to many mainstream bands :C
I figure I should lose weight and start being a skinny fuck, dye my hair black and wear a lot of them flairy buttans.
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So I was just looking out the window, sucking in some cancerous smoke when I saw an old lady and a little girl. They were looking for a phone that the little girl dropped. The girl was sad and they were both looking around to see where the phone is. the girl then suggested that the old lady call her phone, and then she heard it ring like 10 meters away. She picked up the phone and was all like "I told you I dropped it outside". Then the old lady hugged her and they went on their way. happy ending.
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Soz I'm in Finland AND I'm on a Mac, god damn one buttoned slow piece of shit.
Its 7am, I'm in a one room apartment, I'm listening to Nina Simone's Sinnerman and drinking some Bacardi Black Ice for breakfast. Sup with you? Also I forgot my Bacardi sixpack in the freezer over night so now they're all frozen haha, FUCK!
Also there are bunnies running around here, they're as common as squirrels here aparently.
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Since I want to animate something but don't have any ideas, tell me about all the stupid shit you did when you were a child, I'll start: I used to play BOAT with my brother. Boat consisted of us filling one of them plastic kid bathtubs with potatoes and then dragging the potatoes filled tub through the apartment and then finally dumping all the potatoes in my dads office.
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Soz I'm 18 tomorrow, wooo... who even gives a shit anymore? I Thought I was going to Finland tomorrow to watch the world rally championship, but turns out that I'm not, so I'm a bit depressed about that. Whats up with you people?
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like 7km or more a day, it helps the boredom a bit and is nice and relaxing.
Also I've noticed that Ive started to like more music I didn't use to like. I used to only like one or two songs from Arctic Monkeys and MSI, but now I like almost all of their songs. Arctic Monkeys are my new favorite band now.
Also also, over 301 shitty submissions and 7006 pageviews FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, that's fucking shitty for 4 years.
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On the 27th. I need to decide if I'm going to take pictures or film that bitch.
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Its a very bisexual show, isn't it.
Also the title sequence is silly.
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This guy is trying to collect 1000000 giraffe drawings by 2011, help him out and draw a giraffe or a hundred.
Also you should tell your friends about this too.
PS. you cant draw it on a computer.
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